Could it be a coincidence that Sprint successfully completed its Unlimited Freedom market trials just as T-Mobile surprisingly decided to pull the plug on data plans altogether in one of the boldest Un-carrier moves yet?

We think not, and the Now Network might be trying to beat Magenta at its own game, raining on the ONE parade with an arguably cheaper two-line unlimited everything scheme. For only $100 a month, compared to $120, a pair of Sprint subscribers can send however many texts they like, make all the voice calls in the world, and browse the web sans worries.

The big catch? Video, gaming and music streaming is “optimized” (read throttled), while “everything else” can limitlessly achieve top 4G LTE speeds. The first line of service will set you back $60, which is 10 bucks south of T-Mo’s similar charge, the second costs $40, again $10 less than the competition, with lines 3 to 10 slightly pricier on Sprint, at $30, not $20 a pop.

The Unlimited Freedom-offering operator is also quick to point out its rates are much lower than AT&T’s new ones, whereas Verizon doesn’t even do unlimited plans. True, but on the other hand, T-Mobile will insist its no-plan, super-simple, one-option-for-all strategy is the wireless industry’s future. Which approach do you feel best suits your on-the-go content consumption needs?

Source: Sprint

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