Sprint trims unlimited prices again, simplifying choice while ditching ‘50% off’ promo

Forget unsustainable unlimited data wars at lower and lower prices, as Sprint just… lowered the price of its one and only Unlimited Freedom plan further to widen the affordability gap between the “Now Network” and the rest of the “big four” US carriers.

But there’s also bad news to report on the “simplified choice” front, with the popular “50% off” promotion retired effective immediately after a long run that began way back in 2015.

Switchers don’t get 50 percent off their old monthly rates anymore, though $80 for two Sprint Unlimited lines, for instance, is $20 less than what T-Mobile charges, as well as a $60 and $65 discount respectively from Verizon and AT&T’s similar service fees.

The first line will set new Sprint customers back $50, compared to $70, $80 and $90 at the competition, $100 buys you three unlimited accounts, with savings of between $40 and $65, while finally, a family of four pays a grand total of $120, not $160, $180 or $185.

“Fully featured”, the Unlimited Freedom plan covers everything from talk, text and “normal” data to high-definition streaming for video, music and gaming, plus 10 gigs a month per line of mobile hotspot access. The catch? Technically, the latest savings are only good until the end of June 2018, but something tells us others will take their place by then. Possibly, heftier ones, considering the rivals’ constant undercutting efforts.

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