As have Verizon and T-Mobile, so will Sprint. And it will do whatever the two others did in a simpler and more affordable way. You just need to make sure to call Sprint to take advantage of it.

Starting in March, customers now on the Unlimited Freedom and Unlimited Freedom Premium plans were be merged into a single plan (that’s a single price, too) with feature upgrades inspired by its competitors.

While they won’t be paying as low as $50 a month for the first line as new customers might be, they’ll still only be paying $60 after AutoPay for unlimited talk, text and data. Line 2 will cost $40 and subsequent ones will be $30.

  • Video will stream at up to full HD resolution, music at 1.5Mbps and gaming at 8Mbps
  • There will be 10GB of high-speed hotspot to use with unlimited 2G speeds afterwards
  • De-prioritization throttling may occur if users go above 23GB for the billing cycle

Way better than 480p video or paying an extra $20 for 5GB of hotspot, right? The changes take effect by calling *2 or accessing your Sprint Zone app from your phone starting, again, next month.

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