Sprint has confirmed that it is doing some price trials on at least one new unlimited data plan different from the one that currently exists for all customers on the network.

Six markets across the United States have been noticed in new analysis from Wave7 Research — picked up by FierceWireless — with the plan that combines a free subscription to Hulu, six months of free TIDAL music streaming, up to 15GB of high-speed mobile hotspot and enhanced global roaming.

In New Orleans and Saint Louis, carrier switchers are the ones being targeted with an introductory rate of $140 per month for a bundle of four. After one year, the price for the “Unlimited” plan jumps to $160 with an individual rate listed at $65 a month, line 2 at $45 and the rest at $25. The same basic rates apply to a wider, undefined group of consumers in Atlanta and Phoenix, though the plan is being called “Ultimate Unlimited.”

Charlotte and Minneapolis consumers are being marketed from Sprint to switch or buy four phones with the network and get a $100 monthly rate on “Unlimited” service. After 12 months, the pricing structure converts to $55 per month for the first line, $35 per month for the second and $15 for others for a four-line total of $120.

Confusingly, Sprint refers to “HD” and “SD” plans in the new round of offerings and that customers are being offered the HD upgrade for free for a year on up to 10 lines.

Sprint currently offers 1080p video streaming, Hulu, the TIDAL trial, global roaming and 10GB of high-speed mobile hotspot for $100 per month on up to five lines with the first line costing $60. However, after March 31, 2019, costs on line three and upwards go to $30 apiece per month.

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