Sprint calls LG’s 5G phone “distinct” and will focus its network on gaming

The wireless networks are all blasting ahead towards 5G whether we’re ready or not. Sprint may very well be fourth place in the four-player United States market — and may still be fourth if it cannot merge with T-Mobile.

So it might have been a shocker to see the network that “works for you” coming out of the blue with word that it would be the first to launch a truly-integrated 5G phone in the first half of 2019. And it would be from LG.

What will it be like? At MWC Americas, Mobile World Live sat down with Mishka Dehghan, vice president of 5G development at Sprint, to get a glimpse of what LG will do with its design.

“And what’s really remarkable about the LG device that you’ll see,” Dehghan said, “is that it’s going to be immediately recognizable. So if you’re walking down and you’re holding this device, everyone around you will know that it’s a 5G device.”

Perhaps it might be a bit more graceful than the “upgradeable” solution Verizon and Motorola are sharing with the somewhat bulky 5G Moto Mod for the Moto Z3. Dehghan used the word “glistening” further down in her response.

Sprint 5G will be in nine cities at first before expanding onwards. The executive said that gaming will be a primary focus when it comes to tuning the network — that will likely mean a priority on latency reduction and tower range.

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