Sprint Showdown: Samsung Epic Touch 4G vs. Motorola Photon 4G

Sprint currently has two powerful, high-end Android phones available for sale at the $199 price point: the Epic Touch 4G (essentially a Galaxy S II but with a larger display) and the Motorola Photon 4G. Both devices offer dual-core CPUs with a gigabyte of RAM, plus WiMax 4G connectivity on Sprint. The display on the Photon 4G is higher resolution with 960×540 pixels, but the Super AMOLED Plus display of the Epic 4G Touch is a sight to behold, thanks to fantastic contrast.

In this video, we compare the hardware and software of the Epic Touch 4G and the Photon 4G, plus compare web browsing speed, gaming performance, boot up times, and much more. Stick around towards the end of the video where we compare HD video recording performance.


Beyond the displays, the rest of the specs are quite similar. As with most Motorola high-end smartphones, the Photon 4G does HDMI out without a special adapter.




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