Sprint has a sweet new deal in place for first-time Samsung Pay users

Samsung has a lot of ideas about how to put its proprietary digital wallet service one step ahead of Apple and Google-designed rivals at all times, ranging from the sensible to the shrewd to the unconventional.

Ultimately, Samsung Pay continues to hold a major advantage over both Apple Pay and Android Pay in its very simple and convenient Magnetic Secure Transmission support, though the many discounts and freebies offered since its inception probably contributed to fast adoption as well.

Sprint is now ready to provide you with quite possibly the loftiest savings to date, in the amount of up to $100, but unfortunately, you’ll need to jump through a number of hoops to claim the full rebate.

First of all, you have to buy a “Sprint-only” version of the Galaxy S6, Note 5, S7, or S7 Edge between today, May 13, and July 7. Existing owners of those phones don’t seem to qualify for the deal, which is a big hindrance.

Secondly, you of course need to activate the Samsung Pay app, register an eligible card, and make at least three successful purchases by July 31. Once that’s done, you can collect your free $20… on a Nike, Whole Foods, overstock.com, Toys R Us, or Gap Options gift card.

Sorry, if you were hoping to receive hard cash, that’s not the case here. On the bright side, you’ll get an extra $30 in gifts from one of the aforementioned retailers after two more qualifying transactions, and $50 more as soon as you complete a grand total of ten Samsung Pay acquisitions. In the end, you’re looking at $100 saved, but you have to spend (lots of) money to make (little) money.

Source: Samsung

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