Sprint is ready to give you $200 towards Galaxy S6 or Note 5 purchase for trade-ins

It’s certainly been a bittersweet past six months or so for the Now Network, which fell behind arch-rival T-Mobile in subscriber numbers and was forced to lay off thousands of employees, but that now shows usage and financial improvements, as lengthy contracts are finally discarded.

Sprint seems to be doing a respectable job in software updates for recent phones locked to its network as well, while marketing efforts continue to be focused on prospective recruitment of both users and workers for the competition.

Meanwhile, the fourth largest mobile operator stateside also understandably tries to incentivize buyers of aging flagships like the LG G4 or Samsung Galaxy S6, given their sequels are only weeks away from highly anticipated formal introductions.

Quite unexpectedly, the Galaxy Note 5 joins the GS6 on Sprint’s latest slate of trade-in offers, and so, you can choose to apply a discount of $200 on any of the two once you give up your old but mint condition, fully working handheld.

With leases, the Galaxy S6 can be had at less than 10 bucks a month on this promo, whereas the newest S Pen-capable phablet will require payments of $16.67 every 30 days. Not too shabby, and best of all, these reduced prices can be combined with half-off plans if you switch to Sprint from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile.

Don’t forget to check the full terms and conditions (including the small print) before trading in a working phone, though, as some restrictions obviously apply. For now, the deal is only good in physical stores, but it should land online soon as well ahead of a general March 3 expiration date. Plenty of time to think it through.

Source: PhoneScoop

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