Sprint Releases WinMo 6.5 with Sense 2.5 for HTC Touch Pro2

Finally! The one word many Sprint subscribers are shouting across the country today as Sprint/HTC finally released the promised Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade for their Touch Pro2. A highly debated rumor turned out to be true, Sense 2.5 (build 2012) is, in fact, on-board here. Now we know why the update took so long compared to other US carriers who released Sense 2.1 with their upgrades. We saw the Diamond2 receive an enhancement to Sense 2.5 yesterday, so it wasn’t too shocking to see it make its way into Sprint’s upgrade as well.

Sprint Touch Pro2 users, you can finally feast on your WinMo 6.5 upgrade by downloading the new ROM from HTC’s website. Be sure to follow all instructions to prevent any unfortunate results from occurring. Let us know if you find anything interesting or disturbing in this new ROM. Enjoy!


Note: this update is only for the Sprint (CDMA) variant of the Touch Pro2. It will not work on any other devices.

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