The Palm Pre 2 is nearly here, so it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the original Palm Pre is rather unceremoniously on its way out. Even though this time it’s Verizon, not Sprint, that will be getting first dibs on the Pre 2 in the US, Sprint has removed the Pre from its website, marking the beginning of the end for the handset.

Considering it’s been available since last June, and has seen an upgrade in the form of the Pre Plus, chances are that if you had your heart set on a Pre, you picked one up long ago. Even with the phone no longer an option for online ordering, there are likely still stocks in Sprint stores. As those stocks run down, though, the original Pre will finally be history. If you’re with Sprint, that means the Pixi will be your only Palm choice.

The Pre 2 will be arriving on Verizon in the next few weeks, bringing webOS 2.0 along with it. HP is committed to providing the upgrade to users of existing webOS devices, including the original Pre. While the Pre doesn’t have the processing power of the Pre 2, existing owners will at least be able to enjoy the multi-tasking and improved social networking the new software will bring.

The fate of the Pre Plus and Pixi are less certain. Verizon doesn’t have the Plus on its site right now, but AT&T continues to offer the smartphone for sale.

Source: PreCentral

Via: IntoMobile

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