Palm Pre 2 Hacked for Sprint, webOS 2.0.1 – Pictorial Guide

A hardware hack brought to us by the WebOS Internals team brings the Palm Pre 2 and Pre Plus to Sprint complete with webOS 2.0.1. A comm board is required from a Palm Pre device, and at the completion of the hack you have a fully functioning Sprint Palm Pre 2.

The hack requires dismantling of the Palm Pre via removing 6 Torx T5 screws, a series of plastic clips, detaching some ribbon cables, and separating the device into several pieces. The comm board is removed from the donor device (the Palm Pre) and placed into the recipient device (Palm Pre 2 or Pre Plus), which must also be dismantled.

Once the hardware portion of the hack is completed, a software script is run to upgrade the device to webOS 2.0.1. The WebOS Internals team posted a comment that WebOS 2.1.0 would likely be released for the Pre 2 soon.

Source: WebOS Internals

Via: Pre Central

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