Sprint will probably continue to claim wireless customers are far more interested in a network’s “reliability” than speed, all while deeming the current unlimited data price wars “not sustainable”, but that doesn’t mean the nation’s fourth largest carrier isn’t looking to improve across the board.

No-limit plans have been discounted just last month, the number of High Performance User Equipment (HPUE) smartphones is growing, and Sprint’s strategy to “densify its network as it builds a strong foundation for 5G” is now greatly “accelerated” by the launch of the Magic Box.

Yes, the name of this shoebox-sized product billed as the world’s “first all-wireless small cell” is really the Sprint Magic Box. Its set of “magic” tricks includes super-easy installation, automatic configuration, and most importantly, the ability to increase download and upload speeds by 200 percent on average.

“Qualifying” businesses and customers will get this thing free of charge to simply plug into a power outlet near a window, and provide massively enhanced wireless 4G LTE coverage to an indoor area of up to 30,000 square feet, plus even 100 meters outside a building to benefit Sprint subscribers all around a Magic Box.

There are no implementation, labor or rental costs associated with the “Now Network’s” innovative small cell solution, but unfortunately, it’s unclear how you can score one. For the time being, register your interest here and hope for the best. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

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