Sprint celebrates actual LG G6 launch by shaving 50 percent off the phone’s list price

America’s fourth largest mobile carrier no longer takes 50 percent off the service fees of folks looking for a change of pace, but both new and “well-qualified” existing Sprint customers can get half off the regular price of the sizzling hot high-end LG G6 phone for a limited time.

With pre-orders officially closed, and the compact 5.7-incher’s “global” rollout now underway, Sprint has ditched the old 49-inch HDTV promotion, swapping it for something everyone can find attractive.

Instead of paying a whopping $700+ all in all for a great handset and not-so-impressive TV you may not even need or want, you can cough up just a little over $350 starting today on only the LG G6. That’s after 24 monthly installments, mind you, so technically, you’re looking at measly $14.75 payments every 30 days, down from $29.50.

Better yet, if you pull the trigger before May 11, LG will also still throw in a complimentary Google Home. To recap, that’s a total of $354 over two years for an ingenious Google Assistant-supporting smart speaker and one of the most versatile, sharpest, most powerful and seemingly most durable smartphones around.

Elsewhere, the LG G6 continues to come bundled with a free 43-inch Smart TV from Verizon… at $672, while AT&T’s generosity mainly focuses on a buy-one-get-one arrangement. Finally, T-Mobile gives away free LG G Pad X copies to G6 adopters subscribed to the “Un-Carrier.” Without a doubt, Sprint wins this round.

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