LG G6 review

Hardly what you’d call a bestseller, the LG G6 is still a relatively powerful and good-looking smartphone, even by today’s standards. Unfortunately, the “FullVision” 5.7-incher’s manufacturer sure took its sweet time stabilizing and optimizing Oreo goodies, which finally began rolling out about a month ago… in Korea.

That said, Verizon moved surprisingly (and uncharacteristically) fast in applying its own set of Android 8.0 optimizations (and bloat), following suit with a massive 2GB or so OTA update last week.

Now it’s apparently Sprint’s turn to join the Oreo-flavored party by sending a slightly smaller 1.8GB collection of software add-ons, performance enhancements and security patches to the LS993 model over-the-air.

If you own a “Now Network”-locked LG G6, you should be able to install the update right away without manually checking for it. Remember to fully charge your battery first, connect to a strong Wi-Fi or make sure you have enough high-speed mobile data left, and then gear up for a lengthy and eclectic list of upgrades, including background limits, smart text selection, Autofill, Picture-in-Picture mode, and a fully redesigned emoji set. Your move, AT&T and T-Mobile. And yes, the G6’s European rollout is underway, as promised, slowly expanding across the entire continent.

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