Why Sprint could possibly get the lower-end 2GB LG G3

LG’s G3 announcement earlier this week helped clear up one confusing detail that plagued rumors surrounding the phone in the weeks leading up to its launch, as we got our explanation for why the handset’s reported RAM capacity seemed to be so inconsistent: we’re getting two versions of the G3, one with 2GB RAM and one with 3GB. In fact, the differences extend beyond system memory, as the 2GB model also has just 16GB internal storage and is tipped to arrive with a slightly slower 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 than the 2.5GHz component on the 3GB RAM, 32GB flash G3. But even with this now spelled-out for us, the question remains: who gets what? We caught early confirmation from T-Mobile that it will offer the 3GB G3, but what about the other US carriers? While it’s still not confirmed, there’s an interesting theory going around that suggests Sprint may end up with the 2GB model.

While Sprint hasn’t talked publicly about the hardware configuration for its G3, we’re not looking at specs right now; instead, maybe pricing can tell us something. Remember how we saw T-Mobile reveal its suggested G3 price in the details for a contest it’s running? Sprint’s got a contest of its own, but while the T-Mobile G3 prizes are valued at about $650, Sprint says that its G3 is only worth more like $600.

The thing is, it’s hard to say with certainty if that $50 difference is attributable to hardware changes, or if it’s just a matter of inconsistent pricing between two different sellers – really, with the size of the difference we’re talking about here, we could go either way. A $100 delta might be better ammo for this 2GB Sprint theory, but we’ll admit that even this smaller discrepancy could well be evidence in favor of a lower-end Sprint G3. Hopefully we’ll learn the truth within a few weeks.

Source: Sprint
Via: phoneArena

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