Sprint joins Samsung 5G device announcement cluster

As if the group pile-on with Samsung for an integrated 5G phone wasn’t apparent enough with AT&T and Verizon making their announcements, Sprint, which had earlier staked its first 5G phone with LG, is also joining in.

The company’s vice president of product engineering and development, Ryan Sullivan, told PCMag, “you better believe we’re working with them as well,” adding credence to speculation that the Galaxy S10 will be the first mainstream 5G smartphone to go on sale in 2019.  Sullivan was at the Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit.

This fairly informal announcement is the third related to 5G hardware that Sprint has put out — it has plans to launch a “mobile smart hub” with the help of HTC that will be able to serve “small households, apartment dwellers, even small businesses.”

Sullivan also said that as the 5G standard allows for expansive capacity, the throttling thresholds that we’re used to seeing on current mobile service plans will disappear.

“Some of the things you need to do in a constrained LTE market you don’t have to do in a 5G market,” Sullivan said.

With all of this movement, you have to wonder if T-Mobile is preparing any missives…

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