Hidden away withing the carrier’s Sprint ID app, there lives a list of Sprint devices. More than just what’s currently available on Sprint, the list includes a few placeholders for smartphones that have yet to be released. With a little guesswork, we can take a stab at identifying what upcoming hardware each name refers to. The list currently includes the unreleased LG Optimus B, LG Q, Samsung Chief, and Motorola Sunfire.

The Optimus B could easily be the LG Optimus Black. Early on, before “Black” took hold, the smartphone was referred to as simply the LG B. Lacking any other reasonable suggestion for its identity, the simplest explanation is often the best.

We’ve seen the “Q” in the LG Q pop up not too long ago, with a leaked Sprint roadmap showing the LG Optimus Slider as the LS700/Gelato Q. Presumably, it’s a QWERTY smartphone based on Optimus 2x hardware.

The Samsung Chief looks very much like it will be the Samsung Conquer 4G we brought you news of earlier this week. The Conquer has model number SPH-D600, and that same leaked roadmap with the Gelato Q identifies the Samsung D600 as the Chief.

Finally, we have the Motorola Sunfire. Since last month, we’ve heard rumors associating that name with the recently-announced Photon 4G. Even without that connection, the common theme of illumination would suggest a relationship between the names.

From the leaked roadmap, it looks like the Samsung Chief may arrive on July 24, and the LG Q on September 11. The Photon 4G will be out sometime this summer. Your guess is as good as ours on when the LG Optimus B will show up.

Source: Android Central

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