Sprint joins forces with Hulu for a service bundle rivaling T-Mo and Netflix’s alliance

If you can’t join them… maybe try to beat them at their own game. Even after a recent price hike, Sprint’s unlimited data, talk and text plans are cheaper than T-Mobile’s similar wireless service offers, setting you back $60 a month for the first line and a measly grand total of $100 for a family of five mobile binge watchers.

Of course, T-Mo has Netflix at no extra charge (for 2+ qualifying lines), as well as taxes and fees included, while Sprint confirms yesterday’s exciting rumor with the official addition of Hulu streaming to the “best unlimited” plan on the market.

No catches, no strings attached, no hidden surcharges and no special requirements. Every Unlimited Freedom account is eligible from November 17 for complimentary access to “next-day TV”, popular original series like “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “thousands of hit shows”, movies and “more” starting with a single line.

The only (minor) inconvenience is you’ll have to live with “limited commercials” on an entry-level Hulu service tier that typically costs $7.99 a month. But hey, beggars can’t be choosers, and alongside unlimited data, talk, text and Hulu streaming at HD quality, Sprint subscribers also get a 10GB monthly mobile hotspot allowance for their 60 bucks.

That’s not an easy to rival bang for buck, with AT&T also coming up short in a head-to-head comparison of perks, as the Unlimited Choice plan starts at $60 with HBO bundled in, but no high-speed tethering allowed.

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