No phone left behind: Marshmallow rolls out to Sprint’s ancient HTC One E8

Not as much timeworn as ill-fated straight off the bat, the summer 2014-released HTC One E8 likely didn’t find many patrons either internationally or on the only US carrier willing to subsidize it.

Basically a low-quality, plastic-clad clone of the One M8 with a more traditional single 13MP rear-facing camera setup replacing the all-aluminum 5-incher’s controversial dual 4MP photography mechanism, the Android mid-ranger launched on KitKat, getting a relatively timely Lollipop upgrade last year.

It was all quiet on the OS makeover front afterwards, with just one or two maintenance updates delivered OTA, until HTC surprisingly dispatched Marshmallow goodies in select US-foreign markets this spring.

That meant nothing for the Sprint-locked variant, as the Now Network could have always chosen to bury the 6.0 software gift bag instead of going through the typical “optimization” motions. But no matter how few of its customers own the Snapdragon 801/2GB RAM/5-inch Full HD handheld, Sprint decided they deserved one final major UI renovation.

Starting yesterday, August 17, the “phased” Android Marshmallow rollout is making the rounds, with the 29th eyed for the nationwide update’s completion. A little late to the party, especially compared to M8’s very short road to happiness and smoothness? Perhaps, but be honest, you were just about ready to abandon all hope.

Source: Sprint

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