Back in April, a ROM image for HTC’s EVO 4G on Sprint leaked, apparently an official build of Android Gingerbread for the smartphone. Since that time, we’ve been waiting for Sprint to finalize its testing of the update and release the code for its users who would prefer not to flash their expensive phones with files stumbled upon on the internet. While there has yet to be any official adjournment of when to expect the EVO’s Gingerbread to arrive, a recent change to Sprint’s website suggests that the release may be imminent.

Sprint has updated the promotional blurb next to the the EVO 4G in its list of phones to read “NOW WITH ANDROID 2.3”. While that could be dismissed as a typo when considered on its own, the main EVO 4G page also maintains that the smartphone “ships with Android 2.3”.

If this turns out to be true, new orders for the phone may receive their EVO 4Gs with Gingerbread pre-installed as soon as later this week. It’s unlikely Sprint would restrict Android 2.3 to these new phones, which would mean we could see an OTA Gingerbread distribution start going out in the next day or two. Sprint really can’t leave this information up on its site for long without having to address existing EVO 4G owners, so it needs to either backtrack or go ahead and announce the coming update; either way, it should be soon.

Update: Well, it looks like we were right about Sprint needing to say something sooner rather than later, and it’s not good news: it seems this was one extensive gaffe, and Gingerbread is not going to be out for the EVO 4G until at least a little while later on.

Source: Sprint

Via: Android Central

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