Sprint’s ad faux pas: customer characterizing a ‘ghetto’ T-Mobile

If you don’t know why the term “ghetto” is socially unacceptable as a descriptive term (to say the least), perhaps you should look into our Further Reading link. Sprint looked to no one before publishing one of its videos from the Listening Tour that CEO Marcelo Claure is conducting across the nation.

The order of any given clip would be for Claure to ask his panel about words that came to mind when mentioning a carrier. The clip in question came down to this one woman who said:

Oh my god, the first word that came to my head was … ghetto.

The executive nods his head and says “yes,” seeming to agree with the woman’s statement while the table bursts into laughter with some members more restrained than others. She continues:

That sounds, like, terrible! Oh my god, I don’t know, like, I just felt like there’s always three carriers — it’s AT&T, Sprint and Verizon — and people who have T-Mobile, I’m just like, “why do you have T-Mobile?” I don’t know.

A clip that was best left to the cutting room floor was put online. Claure tweeted out a non-apology apology.

Well, some people were offended.

Sprint’s not doing itself any favors at this point, short of the word “sorry.”

Update: Claure has turned around, though he still insists that the company’s “point was to share customer views.” The video has indeed been taken down and we have removed an embed of that video from our story.

Via: Android Central
Further reading: BBC News

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