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Sprint will replace Galaxy S10 models with LTE connectivity issues

By Anton D. Nagy April 18, 2019, 12:00 pm

Update: Correction regarding bullet point number 4, the $75 fee has been waived when replacing a device even if customers don’t have Sprint Complete

Some Sprint Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy S10+ units have been exhibiting LTE connectivity issues. According to the carrier, both Sprint and Samsung have received “a small number of reports about unexpected roaming, data loss, or voice issues on the Galaxy S10 models“. Both the phone-maker and the network operator are investigating the issues, according to the statement.

A software update addressing preventively this issue was released on March 27, but apparently not all devices were fixed with the firmware. Additionally, another software update was issued according to Sprint on April 16 to prevent these issues.


Devices already in the full data failure state cannot be recovered by any means, even with new software, and should be replaced.

However, devices that are in a “full data failure state” are impossible to get fixed, and Sprint will replace the affected units. Here’s the procedure, according to Sprint, for all scenarios:

  • Pre 14 days – the Store Sales team will exchange to new as store representatives do not have refurbs\recs to use and it’s part of the Sprint Satisfaction Guarantee (SSG)

  • Post 14-day – Asurion technicians will provide replacements.  If no refurbs\recons are available, then the selection will default to new.

  • Customers with Sprint Complete (SC) will not be charged a FEE for this exchange as long as there is no evidence of liquid or physical damage to the handset.

  • Customers without SC will be assessed a $75 fee or can work with Samsung for a manufacture warranty solution.


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