Sprint Galaxy Note 8 lease is half-off with a new line

The best thing Sprint’s done for its bottom line? Pushing 18-month leases as the primary financing option for its smartphones. As its parent company owns a device refurbishing company, the carrier can more easily recover value through mining, insurance replacements or refurbished unit sales.

As the Galaxy Note 8 has just come out with its price tag well above $900, Sprint has a good opportunity to capitalize with a new half-off deal on its Sprint Flex leasing option: instead of paying zero down and $40 a month for 18 months, customers would sign up for a new account or new line and only pay $20 a month after bill credits.

After 12 months, subscribers can return their device (in good condition) for an upgrade and new lease. At 18 months, they can either pay the lease in perpetuity or buy the device for $240, paid upfront or over 6 months. If you’re looking to own a Note 8, an overall $360 discount is not shabby at all.

As with other carriers and Samsung itself, Sprint is offering a free perk for pre-order customers: either a Gear 360 or a fast wireless charger with a 128GB microSD card.

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