From what we’ve been hearing, Sprint looks ready to introduce its first LTE-compatible smartphones in just a couple weeks, with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus said to arrive as early as April 15. We just today looked into the possibility of a slightly later release, something more along the lines of April 22. Regardless of exactly when the phone sees retail availability, it’s seeming very likely to occur before the end of the month. That means not much time for Sprint to get its employees up to speed with the Galaxy Nexus; we can get a little peak at what’s going on behind closed doors now thanks to the release of some of the slides Sprint’s prepare for introducing the phone to its staff.

There’s nothing surprising to be found in these images, and they largely stand to confirm aspects of the Galaxy Nexus we’ve already heard about; those include things like being equipped with 32GB flash storage, and apps having unfettered access to the available NFC hardware.

The slides look legitimate enough, though we suppose it’s nothing someone couldn’t put together with a few stock images and a little time. Considering the lack of anything at stake behind this find, though, and we’d have to think there’s a good chance of these being legit. We’re still no closer to knowing the precise release date for the phone, but the source behind this leak has thrown his weight behind the April 22 theory.

sprint slide galnex 2

sprint slide galnex 3

Source: Droid-life

Via: Phone Dog

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