After deciding to continue doing its own thing and lock horns with T-Mobile once again rather than join forces against the Verizon/AT&T wireless carrier duopoly, Sprint recently brought back an always popular iPhone 8 BOGO deal.

But the “Now Network” knows these routine promotions can’t drive its lagging subscriber numbers through the roof, as Big Red devotees need something a little more substantial and remarkable to understand the benefits of changing sides.

Enter a free unlimited service offer for network switchers you may remember from last summer. Revived for a limited time, this appears to specifically target disgruntled Verizon subscribers based on all the promotional text plastered on Sprint’s website. But if you read the terms and conditions carefully enough, you’ll see it actually caters to anyone willing to activate an unlocked phone on the nation’s fourth-largest mobile operator, and port in an existing number.

The requirements obviously don’t stop there, as your device will need to feature on an eligible list that isn’t quite as long as you’d expect. The only qualifying LG model is the X Charge, and older Samsung devices are also omitted, though at least the Note 8, S8, S8+, S7 and S7 Edge “Special Editions” are all there, alongside a whole bunch of iPhones, Motos, Nexuses and Pixels.

After verifying your eligibility, you have to order a SIM card, which will be delivered overnight and set you back $2.99, as well as $10 in shipping and handling. “Other taxes and fees” will also apply, but the basic cost of a Sprint Unlimited plan will be waived for a full year.

That’s a $900 savings compared to how much Verizon charges for 12 months of unlimited data, talk and text, typically costing $60 a month at Sprint, or a grand total of $720. And yes, you even get a nice 10GB monthly bucket of hotspot data included for free. Just remember your speeds will be throttled once you cross the 23GB consumption barrier.

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