Sprint outdoes itself, charging $90 for two, three, four or five unlimited lines

Throwback… Friday? T-Mobile and Sprint’s “newest” promotions may feel like a serious blast from the past (in a good way) for cellular bargain hunters, with free tablets, pizza and unlimited service plans once again available depending on your choice of carriers.

But if you look closely, you’ll actually notice that the Now Network offers even greater savings than back in November for a family of up to five members. Slightly greater, but greater nonetheless, with the first and second line already discounted to $50 and $40 more a couple of weeks ago.

Those prices are still valid through March 31, 2018… if you sign up now, while the next three lines of unlimited everything don’t cost a penny. Yup, for a grand monthly total of $90, Sprint hooks up five new subscribers, compared to the $180 charged by T-Mobile and AT&T’s $270 for similar services.

Needless to remind you (although Sprint takes great pleasure in doing so) that Verizon offers no unlimited option whatsoever, arrogantly claiming to know better than its users all about their pragmatic necessities.

In case you’re wondering what happens back on the Now Network after March 31 of next year, it’s pretty simple… and not as big of a rip-off as you might expect. You just revert to paying $60 for the first line, and $30 for each of lines 3 to 5 in addition to the same 40 bucks on the second line.

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