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Sprint Flex aims for ‘ultimate’ leasing simplicity, Sprint Deals come with cool savings on many phones

By Adrian Diaconescu July 14, 2017, 12:01 pm

In its continued efforts to surpass T-Mobile’s customer numbers and regain the US wireless industry’s bronze medal position, Sprint has been “simplifying choice”, discounting plans of all types, striking device exclusivity deal after deal, offering sweet music streaming freebies and partnering with Best Buy for some of the craziest promotions on the hottest phones.

One thing that hasn’t changed in a while however is the “Now Network’s” convenient albeit somewhat convoluted lease program. Well, Sprint Flex should make it a little easier to understand, even more advantageous, flexible and affordable.

Basically, you’re now able to “enjoy” your new phone before deciding to upgrade, continue leasing, return or own it outright with minimal upfront costs. After a year of on-time monthly payments, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy upgrades are free, while $5 a month gets you the option to move up to “any other new device.”

At 18 months, you can extend your lease to cover a different phone once you return your original purchase or cough up whatever’s left of the latter’s MSRP in one or six more monthly payments.

That’s still a tad complicated for what Sprint is billing as the “industry’s simplest and most flexible device financing program”, but thankfully, the new Sprint Deals providing savings on a “value menu” of smartphones are straightforward and wickedly advantageous.

With an 18-month lease agreement, devices like the Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge, LG Tribute HD, ZTE Max XL or Alcatel Go Flip are $5 a month after a credit check and $25 down payment. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Perx, LG X power or LG Stylo 3 can be yours to (temporarily) own in exchange for $10 a month with the same conditions and $30 outright.

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