Sprint becomes first US carrier to update HTC 10 to Android Oreo

Nowhere near as successful as a few years ago, HTC is still one of the world’s fastest smartphone manufacturers to roll out new Android versions for older devices, typically also doing a decent job of cooperating with US carriers to spread the OS upgrade love around.

Unfortunately, just like a number of phones from other OEMs, both the HTC 10 and U11 have had their trouble running silky smooth Oreo in different parts of the world. But 8.0 updates for unlocked models appear to have been stabilized at last, opening the door for Sprint to steal everyone else’s thunder.

The “Now Network” is the first of America’s major wireless service providers to grant HTC approval for an official Oreo rollout starting “from tomorrow” on the Taiwanese company’s main 2016 flagship.

Keep in mind that the HTC 10 actually launched on Android 6.0 Marshmallow almost two years ago, thus already scoring its second (and most definitely, final) big software platform overhaul.

Powered by a now-obsolete Snapdragon 820 processor, the 5.2-incher still has the ability to turn some heads, in spite of its thick bezels and a design language that HTC (too) quickly abandoned.

With Quad HD screen resolution, 4GB RAM and a respectable single 12MP rear camera also in tow, the HTC 10 should benefit greatly from performance enhancements, security improvements and entirely new features like Picture-in-Picture, Autofill, Smart text selection or background limits.

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