Sprint Finally Launching Touch Pro2 in Stores on Nov 16

The Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 launched online and through telesales a little over two months ago, which was great for people confident enough to purchase without having seen the device in person. However, some prefer to demo new devices at retail stores before purchasing outright or signing a lengthy two year contract. It’s also easier to return or exchange a product that’s in stock at a local store. If you’ve ever been shipped a faulty unit from Sprint, you’re probably familiar with the mail-in return/exchange process that can be less than smooth at times.

Well, for those who’ve been patiently waiting for their local store to get a shipment of Touch Pro2s in, you’re finally in luck because the wait is over. Some Sprint employees, along with eager buyers, on PPCGeeks have confirmed that Sprint stores are set to launch the CDMA variant of the Touch Pro2 on Monday, November 16. I’ve also called a handful of stores nearby and they’ve confirmed it as well. Some stores will probably lag behind about a week. The device will set you back $349.99 after rebate and a 2yr agreement. Sadly, it still runs Windows Mobile 6.1, but a 6.5 update will be available early next year.

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