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Sprint Express to appear in Walgreens stores around Chicago and DFW

By Jules Wang September 14, 2018, 5:25 pm

In the waning days of its existence, RadioShack had decided to increase integrations from Sprint in their store space to keep its brand relevant. That didn’t do much to save it from bankruptcy, though.

That said, Sprint is going to expand once again into third-party territory, this time withone of the nation’s largest drugstore chains. Walgreens has announced that 80 of its stores in Chicagoland and the Dallas-Fort Worth region will soon have Sprint Express experiences. The new sublets follow on from a pilot program in Chicago and Gainesville, Florida.

Customers will be able to purchase accessories, products and plans including those from Assurance Wireless, a government-supported Lifeline Assistance Program.

Sprint will be filling positions at the stores. The company, via its Sprint and prepaid Boost Mobile brands, is also giving service discounts for all Walgreens employees and their families.

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