Sprint Debuts Wide Google Voice Integration

Google and Sprint have teamed up to announce the first US carrier integration of Google Voice into its handset lineup. Specifically, the partnership will enable Sprint subscribers to seamlessly use their cellular phone number as their Google Voice number without going through the porting process (or paying the fee). Google Voice clients on the handsets will allow users to take advantage of transcribed voicemail and software-based number forwarding, while also spoofing the user’s Sprint number for outgoing caller ID purposes.

Or, customers can simply swap their carrier-assigned number with their Google Voice number, letting them enjoy the service’s features without an on-handset app. It’s somewhat interesting that Sprint seems so eager to incorporate Google services, following AT&T and Apple’s very public rejection of Google Voice from the App Store for many months.

Consumers should see the capability rolling out soon across the Sprint lineup, with specific features controllable from the web-based Google Voice site. Sign-ups are available for email notification when the new features go live.

Source: Google

Via: Engadget

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