Sprint rumored to purchase T-Mobile US early this summer, pricing details close to final

Rumors of a possible acquisition of T-Mobile US by Sprint aren’t about to fade soon, it seems. A new report out of The Wall Street Journal tells us that the two companies may be nearing a deal, where Sprint would purchase the “Uncarrier” early this summer.

Pricing details from the WSJ haven’t been too conclusive — the report initially stated the sale price as $50 billion, but an apparently revised version lists it as $32 billion in one spot and $50 billion in another. We are not certain what to expect in terms of the total price, as a result, but the one thing the source has been consistent about is the possibility that Sprint would pay about $40 per share to acquire T-Mobile.

As the AT&T acquisition deal of T-Mobile did, it’s possible that this deal could fall through before going official as well. T-Mobile is set to receive $1 billion in cash and other assets if this does indeed happen, though many are hoping it won’t — this deal would make the combined company a fierce threat to competitors AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

T-Mobile’s primary shareholder, German company Deutsche Telekom, would retain a 15 to 20-percent holding in the combined company, allegedly.

The deal will reportedly be made official early this summer, which should be soon if all goes well.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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