Sprint kicks off Android Nougat rollout for HTC One A9, not 10 or M9

The “Now Network” may not be America’s most popular, reliable, widespread or fastest wireless service provider, but when it comes to software support for older Android phones, it generally does a great job of coordinating with hardware manufacturers to deliver major updates in a timely manner.

What’s a little odd is we’re currently seeing Sprint send over-the-air Nougat treats to the HTC One A9 ahead of the company’s newer 10 or the One M9 that was technically its 2015 flagship model.

At least as far as the HTC 10 is concerned though, the problem likely lies with the Taiwanese OEM, which has fumbled the 7.0 promotion on the old continent already. Stateside, last year’s 5.2-inch Quad HD hero left Marshmallow behind way back in November in unlocked form, while T-Mobile quietly followed suit this beginning of the year.

Returning to the One A9, it’s interesting to note unlocked units merely started receiving their share of Android 7.0 love a month ago, so clearly, Sprint’s optimization process went without a hitch. Tipping the scales at a massive 1.86GB, the goodie pack can be manually downloaded and installed if you so wish, but you’re probably better off just waiting for the automatic OTA spread.

Still available from HTC at $299, the upper mid-range 5-inch iPhone copycat should greatly benefit from hot new features like multi-window view, quick app switching, Doze on the Go, smarter notifications, as well as January security patches. Your move, AT&T and T-Mobile.

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