Consumers can now place a comment on the proposed merger between national wireless carriers Sprint and T-Mobile with the FCC.

The companies, which look to head into business as “the New T-Mobile,” have filed a public interest statement with the commission laying out their points of appeal.

Most of them center around 5G leadership with a $40 billion investment and how their network will outperform AT&T’s and Verizon’s while still costing less — the companies cite analysis by economist Dr. David S. Evans forecasting on their behalf anywhere from a 14 to 65 percent decrease in data delivery costs per gigabyte and up to a 120 percent increase in capacity. Some corporate sensitive information has been redacted.

The firms also insist that their competitiveness will continue to contribute to and drive the market while other players such as Comcast, Charter and DISH look to provide their own services, even if through MVNOs and access agreements with existing national carriers.

As to the current relationships Sprint and T-Mobile have with small, virtual carriers, the companies say they have “no incentive to impair MVNOs’ ability to put subscribers on New T-Mobile’s network” as capacity grows.

Indeed, New T-Mobile will encourage the launch of new MVNOs that can offer unique value propositions or better reach unique customer segments. Moreover, the Applicants
believe the transaction will allow New T-Mobile to enhance the value proposition of MVNOs that use its network—the benefits that accrue from the new, advanced network to New TMobile’s
subscribers are advantages that New T-Mobile’s MVNO partners can also use to compete more effectively.

The firms did not address any concern about the combined companies’ prepaid brands controlling a majority share of their respective market. Competitors want the New T-Mobile to divest Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile USA and MetroPCS.

This issue is filed as WT Docket No. 18-197. If your’e a US citizen, you may comment on the Sprint/T-Mobile merger by heading to this link.

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