The Galaxy S9 has made its way to the carriers and we’re looking and some of the deals that you’ll be able to get on the US networks. Next stop: Sprint. For the fourth-place carrier, it’s pairing a “buy one, get one” deal with a unique and appropriate memento for customers. But first, they’ll have to get at least one Galaxy S9 or S9+.

If they decide to purchase two of them — with two lines for new customers or an upgrade and a new line for existing ones — they can get a device credit for $33 per month for 18 months, the length of a Sprint Flex term. That means that those who want a pair of Galaxy S9+ will still have to pay $5 per month for one of the devices.

With Galaxy Forever, customers can give back their devices and upgrade to the next big Galaxy after 12 months. Those who want to own their device will have to pay $198 for an S9 or $228 for an S9+ at the end of the lease, either through a lump sum or through six more monthly payments.

Sprint is also letting customers who buy an S9 or S9+ name a star in space after themselves through the International Star Registry. All it takes is filling out the form, which requires IMEI information, at the source link. The star will part of what will be known as the “Sprint Constellation.” Customers are advised that a star’s name is limited in acknowledgement to an entry in a book published by the registry and not by scientific institutions or authorities. Still, it’s a fun treat and participants will get a star chart to paste onto their wall for it.

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