Wrapping up a series of interesting but far from mind-blowing hardware and software announcements earlier today, Apple just quietly brought to light a new collection of interchangeable Watch bands.

That’s better than nothing, as it was obviously too soon for a third-generation Apple Watch launch following the Series 2 introduction last fall. Besides, there are plenty of exciting fresh options to choose from, starting with standalone Nike Sport straps.

Previously, you could only get those in a complete Apple Watch Nike+ package setting you back $369 and up, but now you can even pair a $49 band with an entry-level $269 Series 1 timepiece. Meanwhile, Sport Bands sans fancy branding and holes in them in Pebble, Azure and Camellia colors, as well as striped Woven Nylon variants in Berry, Tahoe Blue, Orange, Red, Pollen or Midnight Blue are also $49 a pop.

100 extra bucks will score you Classic Buckle bands with “new buckle design” in your choice of swanky Sapphire, Berry or Taupe hues, and finally, the “newest expression” of Apple Watch Hermès bands ranges from $339 to $689, including Single and Double Tour models, plus a ridiculously expensive Double Buckle Cuff.

In other news, both the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 are dead and buried, if you hadn’t already figured that out. The 2014-released ultra-thin 9.7-incher just got a slightly chunkier sequel of sorts, while 2013’s diminutive tablet to beat has simply run its course, leaving the Mini 4 all alone in a world of giants.

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