Spotify for Windows Phone gets new features and a fresh look (Video)

If you’ve been using the popular music-streaming app on Android and iOS for the past few months, almost nothing about today’s Spotify news will surprise you. But for Windows Phone owners, there’s lots to celebrate indeed.

The new Spotify Windows Phone update brings Microsoft’s smartphone platform one step closer to parity with its Android and iOS rivals. Version 5.0.5491.5995 clears away the oversimplified, space-wasting Spotify of yore with a refresh that cleans up the layout, streamlines the typefaces, and dims the background so the content “pops” more dramatically. It also introduces Your Music, a feature that makes it easier to store and recall music on the fly, which Android and iOS have had for months.

There’s more to say about the Spotify Windows Phone update, but as usual the best way to experience it is to take in our quick hands-on video. Check it out below, and stay tuned for big news later in the week as we host a roundtable discussion following Microsoft’s Windows 10 press conference in Seattle on Wednesday the 21st. Stay tuned!

Spotify Windows Phone Update Hands-On

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