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Spotify testing TikTok-like vertical music videos in the app

By Sanuj Bhatia November 25, 2021, 11:00 am
Spotify playing on phone Source: Mildly Useful (via Unsplash)

Ever since TikTok came out, every user has been hooked to vertical scrolling content. Other companies like Instagram and YouTube were quick to adapt to the change, and have added vertical scrolling content — Reels and Shorts — to their platforms as well. According to a report from TechCrunch, Spotify is the latest company to hop on the vertical scrolling content train.

According to the report, Spotify is testing a new feature called Discover. This feature presents users with a vertical feed of music videos that the users can like or skip. The feature was first noticed by Chris Messina who posted a tweet about the fourth tab in Spotify's app for iOS. For those who can access it, the new tab appears in between the search and home tab on Spotify's app for iPhone.

Nonetheless, clicking on the tab takes you to vertical music videos. In this section, you can swipe up and down and change videos, like them, or skip them, much like you would do on TikTok. In addition to the TikTok style layout, there's also a three-dot menu button on the top that brings up the song information.

Much like how TikTok improves its video recommendation based on the videos you like or you skip, Spotify could use this tab for improving its song recommendation. However, there's no official word on the feature just yet. Messina told TechCrunch that he was able to access the feature in Spotify's Beta app for iOS, so there may be time before it is rolled out to the stable app users.

Source TechCrunch | Via 9to5Mac

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