You can finally easily set a Spotify song as your alarm on Android

One of the small things in life we’d all like to control is when we wake up. We’d like to be fully rested before we start our days, right? Well, sadly, a lot of us can’t dictate our own bedtimes and arousals.

But at least we can decide what sounds we want to wake up to. Sure, there’s always been ways to load songs up and set them up so your phone can play them as your alarm, but a new Spotify integration with the Google Clock app will go a long way to cut down on hassle.

Users can set alarms up in the Clock app and then, when choosing sounds, can link their Spotify account (free or premium, doesn’t matter) and choose a song via search, playlists or the recently played list. When the alarm goes off, you’ll have the option of continuing on with your Spotify session.

Google says that the feature will be out to all users around the world (at least where Spotify is supported) by the end of the week on devices with Android 5.0 Lollipop and later.

If you’ve got Spotify, there’s no need for separate, dedicated alarm apps anymore.

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