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Spotify is shutting down its Car View feature

By Sanuj Bhatia November 26, 2021, 1:30 am
Spotify shutting down car view Source: Spotify

One of the distinguishing features of Spotify, from other services like Apple Music and Tidal, is the special 'Car VIew' that comes up whenever you connect your phone to a car stereo. However, according to a new report, Spotify is shutting down its customer-loved Car View.

According to a report from AndroidPolice, Spotify is killing its Car View feature. Many users, on Spotify forums, have been complaining about the Car View setting not appearing in the settings of the Spotify app. Customers have been complaining that instead of switching to the dedicated Car View when connecting to a car stereo, Spotify would remain on the default view. After a number of complaints, a Spotify moderator had something to say about the disappearance of the feature:

"We can confirm that we're retiring the car view feature. This however doesn't mean we don't want to improve on how our users listen to Spotify while driving. On the contrary, we're actively exploring a variety of new ways to deliver the best in-car listening experience. Think of retiring car-view as something that needs to happen in an effort to make way for new innovations coming down the track."

After reading the moderator's response, users are complaining about Spotify killing the feature without any prior notice. However, the company has assured that it is working on better alternatives. Nonetheless, you can also get Spotify's Car Thing which is the company's dedicated (first) hardware for cars.

Did you use Spotify's Car View feature? What are your thoughts on Spotify killing the feature? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: AndroidPolice

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