New users basically get Spotify Premium service free for three months this holiday season

There’s no shortage of early Black Friday deals for tech enthusiasts from retailers like Amazon or Best Buy, as well as device manufacturers including Samsung and Microsoft, but if you’re interested in something other than discounted hardware, you may want to visit Spotify’s official website.

Given the extremely heated competition between the dozens of music streaming apps out there, it’s certainly not unusual to see one of them offer an extended free trial or ridiculously affordable initial subscription.

Spotify however remains the clear leader of the global market, and so its discounts and promos are nowhere near as frequent as Google or Amazon’s. They’re also typically not as compelling, but first-time Spotify Premium users signing up by December 31, 2017 can get three months of unlimited, unrestricted access to 30 million songs for just $0.99.

That’s 99 cents in total, not $0.99 a month, though even the latter would have been a killer bargain, seeing as how a Spotify Premium account is normally charged $9.99 every 30 days.

To qualify for the irresistible holiday deal, you’ll need to use a credit card that’s never been linked to a Spotify membership before, and an email address on which you haven’t claimed a 30-day trial yet.

Ironically, existing subscribers are offered no holiday perk whatsoever, even though former users that deactivated their accounts before October 21 can receive three months of Spotify Premium access at a special price of their own. Namely, $9.99 instead of $29.97.

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