For a global leader of an industry as popular (and presumably profitable) as music streaming, Spotify sure tried hard over the past few months to incentivize new users and maintain the growth rate of the app’s subscriber count.

The latest deal sweetener is 12 months of Premium service for the price of 10, with an expiration date of December 31, 2017, and no restrictions for existing members.

That obviously makes sense, because if you haven’t tried Spotify’s Premium tier before, you can still get three-month access to unlimited online and offline tunes at just $0.99. You then pay $9.99 a month, bringing the hypothetical first-year total to $90.90.

Meanwhile, with the new special offer, you need to cough up $99 upfront instead of the typical $120 sum total of 12 monthly fees. That’s a significantly sweeter deal than usual, although new subscribers remain much better served by the above-detailed promo.

You can also still score family discounts, with up to six people residing at the same address looking at a combined monthly payment of just $14.99, while students enrolled at “eligible institutions in the US” have to spend a measly $4.99 for both Spotify Premium and Hulu service.

Back to the newly launched yearly offer, we should probably mention the marked-down subscription will return to the “then-current price” after 12 months.

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