Spotify levels the field with Apple Music-like family subscription

Going from zero to 13 million in less than a year is certainly remarkable, even by Apple’s standards, but the hottest, hippest audio streaming service out there still lags massively behind market veteran and undisputed heavyweight champ Spotify in terms of paid subscribers.

Of course, in order to continue to resist the mounting Apple Music challenge, the 2008-launched freemium app for your phones, tablets and desktops can’t afford any missteps as far as pricing goes.

Thankfully, Spotify realized just that, and taking a page from both Cupertino and Google’s playbooks, it finally lowered its monthly family fees while increasing the number of members allowed in. Starting today, in all countries Spotify is available in (save for Canada, bizarrely enough), up to six people can get full premium access at a combined cost of $14.99 a month. That’s up from five users, and down from $30.

As the now UK-based company puts it on Twitter, “your family can enjoy Britney, Bach and Bon Jovi at the same time”, as of course, each constituent of the new family plan is free to keep his music separate from all the others. Including offline, with absolutely no ads, and significantly improved quality compared to the unpaid streaming tier.

Source: Twitter

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