Spotify is giving its Collaborative Playlist feature a meaningful upgrade that will not only ease the process of adding more people, but will also make it more convenient to check everyone’s contribution. The new features will soon be rolled out via an update. Talking about the new tools being added by Spotify, the first one is an Add User button in the playlist header that will make it easier to invite others to contribute on a Collaborative Playlist. 

Additionally, users will now be able to see everyone who is contributing to a playlist in a single place, thanks to a new list that displays user avatars in the playlist header. The third change, and probably the most useful one if you really care about your playlists, is that each track or episode that appears in a Collaborative Playlist will now show the avatar of the person who added it. This will make it easier to spot folks who make meaningful contributions and also those who are just creating a musical ruckus. 

How to create a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify?

  1. Open the Spotify app on your phone and tap on Your Library.
  2. Now, select Playlists and then tap on the playlist that you want to make accessible for collaboration.
  3. Once you open a playlist, tap on the Add user button you see in the header. Keep in mind that you can invite people to collaborate only on a playlist that you’ve created.
  4. Now, invite people who you think can make some valuable contributions to your playlist.

And if you want to take your music listening and sharing experience to the next level, you can try out Spotify’s Group Session feature will let you remotely host a listening party with up to five friends. You can listen to a podcast or enjoy a playlist remotely with friends via synced playback. But do keep in mind that the Group Session feature is available for Spotify Premium users only.

Source: Spotify

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