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Spotify introduces Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts charts to tell you what’s popular

By Nadeem Sarwar July 14, 2020, 2:02 pm

Spotify is adding two new charts to its mobile (Android and iOS) apps that will make it easier for podcast listeners to discover the most popular and top trending podcasts. Arriving in 26 countries including the US, Sweden, and Australia, the new Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts charts have already begun rolling out.

The Trending Podcasts chart will comprise of fastest-climbing of-the-moment podcasts, while the Top Podcasts chart will include the overall most popular podcasts in a region based on the number of listeners. In select regions, users will also see Top Podcasts based on a particular genre too.

As for the number of podcasts in each chart, the Top Podcasts chart will be populated with the top 200 overall podcasts in a region or a particular genre. On the other hand, the Trending Podcasts chart will round up the top 50 podcast shows that are making waves at the moment. To check out the new podcast charts, go to Browse All > Podcasts >  Podcast Charts.

Source: Spotify

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