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Spotify is trying to condition family plans in the worst way possible

By Samuel Martinez September 28, 2018, 12:20 pm

Family plans usually include many benefits that make members of the same family spend less money on services. The problem is that usually, friends like to take advantage of those family plans, and that’s exactly what Spotify pretends to avoid.

Family subscriptions in Spotify allow up to six members in one account. The issue is that now Spotify wants to make sure that all family members live in the same house. The company has started to send emails to some of their Premium for Family users to confirm their address through GPS and telling them that if they don’t confirm, they may lose access to the plan. This is upsetting customers since the plan doesn’t include details specifying that all ‘family members’ must live in the same house. Apart from that, they’ll be forced to share personal details like their address. Some users have started complaining over this in Twitter, saying that some family members live miles away, maybe they have separated parents, or they live in another city or country because of their work.


This might be a very risky move for Spotify, and may even make some of its users switch to other music streaming services. We will see how it turns out in the end. In any case, they would have to consider, that sometimes even friends are family.


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