We are used to seeing Spotify deal after Spotify deal, and it looks like the streaming service is on a roll. Here’s another one, limited to ‘higher education students who haven’t already tried Premium”. This offer expires on October 9, so act fast if you like it.

You can listen to your favorite music and watch your favorite shows, all with a single subscription. You can get Spotify, Hulu, and Showtime for $4.99/month. That’s after $0.99 you will pay in the first three months. You can cancel at any time, of course. What you get in this bundle is subscription to Spotify Premium, Hulu with Limited Commercials, and Showtime streaming services. Purchased individually, these would cost around $29/month, so a price of $4.99/month is pretty awesome. Especially with that sub-one-dollar cost for the first trimester.

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