Earlier this month, Spotify confirmed that it would finally be bringing its popular music streaming service to users in the United States, so far disqualified due to the requisite licensing deals not yet being in place. It didn’t give a date for when the service would be available at the time of the announcement, and we’ve still yet to see official word, but the company’s chief content officer Ken Parks has revealed that Spotify in the US will be going live sometime tomorrow.

Obviously, our chief concern is the Spotify experience on mobile devices, so we’re anxious to find out all the details of the subscription plans we’ll need in order to enjoy it on our smartphones. Unfortunately, much of that info is still missing, but we do know now that US users will have three plans to choose from, including a free option.

This mirrors what’s currently available to European customers, with a free, unlimited, and premium packages available. Right now, you need a premium account, which runs about $15 a month, in order to use Spotify on your smartphone instead of just at your computer. Of course, we’d like to see the company offer a cheaper option where smartphone use is still possible, but we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to learn if that could be a possibility.

If you’re interested in getting access as quickly as possible, sign up now to request an invite.

Source: Engadget

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