Cloud storage will never be more secure than here — $10 price drop

Every day, you are creating new files that take up space and essentially become the footprints to your history in technology. Do you want to trust these files on hard drives that can only be accessed in one location and can potentially break? Consider trying SpiderOak ONE 1TB Cloud Storage.

SpiderOak allows you to securely store your private data for you to access anywhere in the world. Knowing that security is a pressing issue to most internet users, SpiderOak has specifically designed their cloud storage to be one of the safest places to ever store your data. With end-to-end encryption, you can count on SpiderOak to keep your information protected.

Get the SpiderOak ONE 1TB Cloud Storage today after the $10 price drop. That means it will only cost you $29.99 for one year of storage.

by Christopher Jin

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