Speculations Stirring Over Dual-Core Motorola Handset

There are now speculations over Motorola’s next big Android handset that will launch after the Droid Pro. Dubbed the Motorola Terminator by Android and Me, the device is said to be launching with Android 3.0 and will be a gaming powerhouse that will take on Apple’s iOS platform. While Android hasn’t been strong on the mobile gaming department, companies like Motorola and Sony Ericsson, with its PlayStation Phone on Android 3.0 are hoping to change that.

To accomplish its mission as a gaming device and achieve graphics prowess, the Motorola Terminator is rumored to be using an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, which is a dual-core CPU unit with 1 GHz of processing power per core and integrated GPU capabilities.

Sources close to Android and Me have told that blog that the Terminator will not be a Verizon Wireless exclusive, and may not even be branded as a Droid device if that turns out to be true. According to Android and Me, the project is current co-CEO Sanjay Jha’s baby, and will be his first smartphone launch after the consumer division, Motorola Mobility, splits off from the rest of Motorola. Because Verizon Wireless may want to wait until its smartphone LTE launch, the Terminator may appear first on another carrier and may later head on over to Verizon Wireless if those sources of information are correct.

(via: Android and Me)

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